Friday, April 27, 2012

Personal Responsibility

         To understand a corporation you must first look the people running the business. For some reason we don’t hold corporation accountable for the suffer, death, and destruction they cause. In the end the only thing they do is a pay a fine and continue on doing whatever they can do to make a profit.

          If a person were to kill another then that said person would go to jail. When a corporation kills or harms workers they pay a fine. A corporation is defined as a living thing. It is not person or even livining. Four walls is all a corporation will ever be. We allow for people to willing hurt each other everyday, and we stay silent or we just don’t care enough to know. The world is a sad place for anyone not growing with wealth. Money is the only thing to work for, to want. All needs can be satisfied by the more money we make. Greed is blessing and curse. Greed can get you up to go work but it also can make you screw over your neighbor to get a few bucks. But as individuals if we do “bad” things we will be held accountable for our actions. If a cooperation is a person, then they should be held accountable to the same extent that a regular person would. The share holder are what make up this person. Every CEO in history will tell you the share holder are all that matter. Make the share holder happy and you to keep your job. If the CEO only acts in the interest of the share holders then the share holders should be help accountable for the actions of the CEO. IF a CEO willing is producing a product with a default. Investing is only about the return. “How much can this company make me.” You shouldn’t have reward without risk, you can lose money when investing. But money isn’t life, its not living. 

     When you invest in a company, you become apart of that company. The good the bad and ugly, your apart of it all. Share holders should care and if they don’t then make them. When you invest you don’t check factories or working conditions or even think about the everyday workers. There no human contact, its just money to be made. For people to care there life must be directly affected by their actions. When people aren’t held accountable of course there going to do things for their own good. If telling me I can create a car that explodes and all I have to do after is pay fine and ill still make millions. Ill make the car, what do I care im not driving it. People only care when their way of life is at jeopardy. If an individual persons actions can land them in prison, then a corporation which is a person should also abide by the same laws as everyone else. Share holder are what make up this person, you can fire CEO's, workers, but there not the people in charge. If investing is all about the money and we forget about the people then how can we consider ourselves civilized. We don’t learn from our history the only purpose it serves is to document what has happened. We are constantly making the same mistakes, we are constantly costing people lives. Would you want to live you life with a birth defect caused by illegal dumping? Until the corporations share holders are held accountable for their actions, it will always be about the bottom line. Money. And if value money over human life, then the future is already lost.    

Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to spot a scam job

I have recently returned from a job interview from “Infusion Enterprises” or “Claims World Wide” (Infusion enterprises was on the job posting, Claims worldwide was on the brochure.) Before I went for the interview I figured I would check “infusion enterprises” out . Infusion enterprises had two websites which were not finished. links to information abut the manager showed a blank page, hourly salary changed from each posting. (18.00 on craigslist, 15.00 on drexels site and 17.00 on there official web page) their word press had one picture with no information other than “march madness”?, and still no information of who runs the place. I decided to try facebook, they had a group of photos all from the same meeting. I couldn’t find any information on them or the sponsor they claim to work with. So I assumed sine there facebok page had just been made that they were a start up. The building the office was in looked nice, from the outside. You could believe that a business would be in there. They had me sold until saw the office. When ever you enter an office, take a look around. Real offices have phones desks, space for people to move around. The way things are set up should be whats best for working. Or at the bare minimal an office phone. The office looked like it was falling apart. Chairs stack against the wall,exposed wires coming from the floor, tables placed on the outside of the room. (If the business wont even put money into their office. What makes you think they would put money in your pocket?) The truth is the only thin they offer is training to learn from them and get certified to certify others. It is the modern day pyramid scheme. (Someone brings you in, you bring more people in, they bring people in and so forth.) You will always pay up to the person above you, if you want a raise or a promotion then you have to bring in more people. If you wanted you could pay them to train you but after that your on your own. They do not provide customers. What they do is provide training. (They might tell you about the many conventions that you can go to for networking clients. But those cost money as well.) If your look for a job and not one another scam then here are 10 ways to spot the fakes.

Their slogans involves you getting paid

A high hourly wage with no experience required

Offers rapid promotions

Their office is full of randomly placed office supplies

If “only a selected few will be asked to stay for orientation”

If the person setting the appointments is also one of the manager.

If it is a group interview but there is no group.

If they hand you a clip board with an application that says marketing representative

If they ever ask who owns your home

If the posting is too good to be true

If your ever on the ropes and your looking for a job Infusion enterprises aka Claims world wide, is not your answer. The only thing they will provide is training.  And if anyone comments about Infusion enterprises not being a scam its because they work there.