Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ghost Recon quick review

Ghost Recon future solider

For all the fans of gears or war this game is for you. Forget the run and gun style that most new shooters follow. This is a thinking mans game. The whole game reovoles areound detecting the enemy before they detect you. This is what a shooter should be. Not run around and try and kill the enemy without even looking around first. The cover system is brilliant, moving from cover is easy and smooth. The level of gun customization is revolutionary every shooter should follow. You can change everything on the gun to make it your own weapon. Most shooter today give you basic changes to the gun this allows you to change the smallest piece of the gun to give your gun a personal touch. Forget call of duty, forget battlefeild. Ghost recon is the future. All they need to do now is add a death match style multiplayer mode and they will have a winning game. There are a few graphic problems and the campaign could be better but overall I would say this is the best shooter out. I give it a 9/10 most review put it at an 8.  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 3

 Day 3

I awake in new room with only one swaying ligt.

“Glad your up”

“Where am I now?”

I stand up off the cold floor that I had been laying on.

“I need you to sit in front of the televesion.”

“Bout time I got to watch something.” I quickly make my way to the leather chair placed infrront of the tv. “Now this is sytle.” After sleeping on floors a crappy cots it was like sitting on a cloud.

“Are you comfortable?”

“Where's the tv remote?”

“Please keep your eyes in the screen.”

“For wha” before I cold finish the screen flashes on. Rapid pictures rotationing. I try and move my had but my body is stiff. Its the stangest feeling being bale to think but not move. Every few seconds a word or to will pop up with the image. I begin to focus just on the words. Obey, Command imperium, Obey.

This should finish help us with the testing procedure.”

Good, when we move him we cant have him running amuck.”
The second voice is unfamiliar to me. But who ever it is seems to be in charge of the guy who has been teeling me what to do. I dont know if whatever theyre trying to do is working. I'm looking at the pictures but my mind is focusing on just key parts. For the first time since I arrived here I am actually afriad. My mind is my mind I am the only one that should beable to control it. I wont, I cant, the only thing my body can do is let the tears run down my face. This is all about control isnt it. They brought me here to brainwash me. The screen goes blank.

Command imperium”

My mind is telling me two different things. One part is saying stand up, the other part is asking what the hell does that mean. I stand up.

Good, end command”

What happened”

Nothing you seemed to have passed out when you were watching tv. Do you remember anyhting we showed you.”

I know how to answer that one.


You may rest on the chair it reclines back, we will continue tomorrow.”


They picked the wrong guy to brain wash, the panic has left. The brainwashing didnt work fully. I still have control of what I will do. The commands are in my head but instead of taking full control they just give me an outline of what they are suppose to do. Tomrrow they move me to a more open area from there ill plan my escape.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Always read the fine print

  I have just read the rules to IGN's community blogger contest and after going over the fine print realized that i disqualified myself by not writing 100 words or less. The reason that this is important is that i entered something without reading the rules first. For too long we have gotten used to just accepting the terms and agreements without ever going over them. The truth is we should never accept anything we don't fully understand. South park made a joke about it but it never became a real thought in my head until today. From now on even though its a pain, i will read through the terms and agreement no matter what the reason. Saying we didn't understand isn't going to change anything once we click that agreement box were in for the long haul. So just take a second to help yourself out because your the only one that has to deal with your decisions  unless the terms and agreements state otherwise. Who know the next time you click that box you cold be dragging in your friends and family.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 2

Day 2

My head is spliting, I cant focus on anything. The cot I am laying on is wet with sweat. The room is dark and I cant make out where I am.

“Is everything ok?”

“No, now leave me alone.”

The voice begins to talk then stops. I cant do anything else but hold my head. The pain is unbearable, what the hell is going on.

“Is your head hurting?”

“No im constipated, so leave me to my business”

“I'm only here to help fighting me will not solve anything.”

“i'm not fighting you if you were in the with me I would be fighting you”

I let out a loud scream the pain is growing, what the hell did they do to me? My hed is burning hot I cant even hold my hands against my head.

“What did you do to me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Dont play dumb what was the injection for.”

“I'm sorry I cant dicuss that with you.”

“Why the hell not?”

“If the serum doesnt work then you are free to leave. If I tell you what is it suppose to do then you can never leave.”

“You must think im an idiot. You have any intention of letting me leave regardless.”

“uh” the voice stutters “ that's not true”

“Of course its not, by the way im the king of england.”

“I am really only here to help”

the pain in my head is growing worse as my vision blurs

“Alright I need something to stop this headache”

“Can you describe the pain?”

“Yeah it hurts really bad, now get me something to stop it.”

“Do you feel any other sensations?”

“If your not going to help me with my headache then im not talking.”

I curl up on the cot. I cant take it anymore.

"Are any of you body parts numb?" 


“Ok i'm sending someone right away just remain calm.”

“You want me to calm down, ill show you clam.”

the cot jumps a few inches off the ground.

“What was that” the voice eagerly asks

I dont responsed. What the hell made the cot jump? Is there someone in the room with me?

“Are you ok?” The voice mumbles things that i cant make out

I begin feeling under my bed for any sign of another person. That was werid. The light from the door opening jolts me up. Infront of me is a armed guard with a gun pointed at me.

“Stay on your cot” he shouts

Behind him a man with a tray appears he cautionsly walks towards me with the tray. He puts it down at the end of my cot and walks backwards out the door.

“That should help with your head”

I quickly down the pills and water.

“Why do you have an armed guard?”

“Its for your protection.”

“Really then why was his gun pointed at me?”

“That will be all for today.”

I feel the prick on my wrist again. I welcome it today, anything to stop this headache. When I wake ill figure out what happened with the cot and why the two where afriad of me the prisoner. The pain stops as I smile to sleep.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 1

Day 1

“Line up, now!”

Its dark, almost pitch black. The only light coming from the room is from a faint blue glowing line running across the tiny floor.

“What you dont understand english on the line”

I crawl to the line and fumble to stand up. My feet push me forward over the line “Ouwwwwwww” I moan as my head slams into a wall.

“Looks like we got a genuis.”

“Where am I?” my hands run across the wall, it quickly leads to a corner.

“Stand on the line”

“Where am I” I shout with all my lungs. My arm begins to burn as i feel the pain as it shoots through my whole body. I try and scream but my lungs have the air sucked out of them, as I try and move my body goes limp. My face is the first thing that hit the ground.

“Enough with those outburst, the next one wont just put you on the ground. Now stand on the line.”

There is an unfamilair armband warped around my wrist, instaed of tryig to mess with it I stand up on the line.

“Good, now dont move”

A small slit of light enters the room as one of the walls begin to rise.

“Follow the line into the next room”

I'm hesitant at first, then I remmebr what happened the last time I didnt listen. I slowly make my way into the bright white room. In the toom there is one chair and a table set up in the middle. The room is only alittle a lot bigger than the last box I was in.


The chair and table are both bolted to the ground. And on the table sits a small white box I ddnt notice at first. I reluntley take a seat.

“Prepare for test 1”

“Whats test one?”

“Open the box”

“Whats in the box?”

“Open it”

“If I open the box is anything going to shock me?”

“No, the box is safe if you dont open it then you will be shocked”


“Open the box”

I quickly slap the top of the box and pull my hand away. In the inside is a needle full of a black liquid.

“Inject your arm”

“Why is it balck?”

“Inject your arm”

“ That does not look healthy, im going to pass on test one”

My arm goes numb as the thing around my wrist begins to hum.

“That is your only warning”

My hands are shaking as I reach for the needle. I really dont want to do this but what other choice do I have. If they wanted to kill me they would have done that already.I guess the only thing I can do is go along with it for now. But my head is pounding thinking about what will happen after I inject myself with this oil. I place the needle in my arm and stop.

“Just tell me it isnt oil”

“Its not oil”


I press down and watch as it enters my veins. I can see it spreading through my system as it colors my veins black. I grab my arm and try and stop it but it keeps on spreading.

“What is it doing”

Relax I will all be over soon”

I jump out of my seat and begin running around the room looking for a way out. I slam into every wall the door to the other room is no longer open, there is no way out.

“Sit back down”

“Screw you”

This time there isnt a buzz just a small prick on my wrist, before I know it my vision is blurred then everything goes black.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SWTOR worth it?

I have been playing Star wars the old republic or SWTOR for a few months now. I have seen the game developed through the 1.2 patch and have been one of the biggest fans even before the game came out. I knew Bioware made great games on the console so I figured an mmo wouldn’t provide that much of a challenge for them. I was right the game is amazing, being a Jedi or Sith is the coolest thing I have ever done in a game. The single player story is amazing this is the only mmo with cut scenes for most of the missions. But as you begin to explore the game you realize this is not a massive multilayer game. Most of the time server are barren, your lucky to find a handful of people on the same planet as you are. Heroic instances, Flashpoints, and PvP can only be done at certain times because the gamer is limited by the amount of people on at any given time. Bioware has even released a statement that they will not go cross realm. (Cross realm links the severs togather to allow players are trying to complete multi-player challenges or pvp even if they are not on the same server.) Bioware has purposly limited the amout of player on each server to make it more competive by allowing players to get to know the other players on their server. This has not worked and half the game content is worthless, you cant find groups to complete their flashpoints and most of the time you have to wait hours before you can do on pvp match. How can we compete aginst players that dont exist? Bioware focused all their attention on their 1.2 patch which was suppose to bring old and new players to the game. 1.2 only focused on single player aspects instead of allowing for players to play with other players. They did not listen to the gamers, they do not care that we pay to only play alone. This is not a mmo, and it will never be. Bioware has showed that they cannot handle an mmo because they do not listen to the community. Bioware has insulted everyone who brought the game. For far to long game companies release crap, after crap and we continue to pay. For us its not about the money but the experience, its up to us to improve games. Bioware will let the game die before they give us cross realm I say lets make it easier for them. If Bioware still refuses to cross realms at the end of the month don’t renew your subscription. Without us they are nothing, they have nothing. We fund all their projects, its about time we got what we have been asking for since the start. For a long time the gamers have been forgotten, its about time we made them remember us.   

Friday, April 27, 2012

Personal Responsibility

         To understand a corporation you must first look the people running the business. For some reason we don’t hold corporation accountable for the suffer, death, and destruction they cause. In the end the only thing they do is a pay a fine and continue on doing whatever they can do to make a profit.

          If a person were to kill another then that said person would go to jail. When a corporation kills or harms workers they pay a fine. A corporation is defined as a living thing. It is not person or even livining. Four walls is all a corporation will ever be. We allow for people to willing hurt each other everyday, and we stay silent or we just don’t care enough to know. The world is a sad place for anyone not growing with wealth. Money is the only thing to work for, to want. All needs can be satisfied by the more money we make. Greed is blessing and curse. Greed can get you up to go work but it also can make you screw over your neighbor to get a few bucks. But as individuals if we do “bad” things we will be held accountable for our actions. If a cooperation is a person, then they should be held accountable to the same extent that a regular person would. The share holder are what make up this person. Every CEO in history will tell you the share holder are all that matter. Make the share holder happy and you to keep your job. If the CEO only acts in the interest of the share holders then the share holders should be help accountable for the actions of the CEO. IF a CEO willing is producing a product with a default. Investing is only about the return. “How much can this company make me.” You shouldn’t have reward without risk, you can lose money when investing. But money isn’t life, its not living. 

     When you invest in a company, you become apart of that company. The good the bad and ugly, your apart of it all. Share holders should care and if they don’t then make them. When you invest you don’t check factories or working conditions or even think about the everyday workers. There no human contact, its just money to be made. For people to care there life must be directly affected by their actions. When people aren’t held accountable of course there going to do things for their own good. If telling me I can create a car that explodes and all I have to do after is pay fine and ill still make millions. Ill make the car, what do I care im not driving it. People only care when their way of life is at jeopardy. If an individual persons actions can land them in prison, then a corporation which is a person should also abide by the same laws as everyone else. Share holder are what make up this person, you can fire CEO's, workers, but there not the people in charge. If investing is all about the money and we forget about the people then how can we consider ourselves civilized. We don’t learn from our history the only purpose it serves is to document what has happened. We are constantly making the same mistakes, we are constantly costing people lives. Would you want to live you life with a birth defect caused by illegal dumping? Until the corporations share holders are held accountable for their actions, it will always be about the bottom line. Money. And if value money over human life, then the future is already lost.