Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 3

 Day 3

I awake in new room with only one swaying ligt.

“Glad your up”

“Where am I now?”

I stand up off the cold floor that I had been laying on.

“I need you to sit in front of the televesion.”

“Bout time I got to watch something.” I quickly make my way to the leather chair placed infrront of the tv. “Now this is sytle.” After sleeping on floors a crappy cots it was like sitting on a cloud.

“Are you comfortable?”

“Where's the tv remote?”

“Please keep your eyes in the screen.”

“For wha” before I cold finish the screen flashes on. Rapid pictures rotationing. I try and move my had but my body is stiff. Its the stangest feeling being bale to think but not move. Every few seconds a word or to will pop up with the image. I begin to focus just on the words. Obey, Command imperium, Obey.

This should finish help us with the testing procedure.”

Good, when we move him we cant have him running amuck.”
The second voice is unfamiliar to me. But who ever it is seems to be in charge of the guy who has been teeling me what to do. I dont know if whatever theyre trying to do is working. I'm looking at the pictures but my mind is focusing on just key parts. For the first time since I arrived here I am actually afriad. My mind is my mind I am the only one that should beable to control it. I wont, I cant, the only thing my body can do is let the tears run down my face. This is all about control isnt it. They brought me here to brainwash me. The screen goes blank.

Command imperium”

My mind is telling me two different things. One part is saying stand up, the other part is asking what the hell does that mean. I stand up.

Good, end command”

What happened”

Nothing you seemed to have passed out when you were watching tv. Do you remember anyhting we showed you.”

I know how to answer that one.


You may rest on the chair it reclines back, we will continue tomorrow.”


They picked the wrong guy to brain wash, the panic has left. The brainwashing didnt work fully. I still have control of what I will do. The commands are in my head but instead of taking full control they just give me an outline of what they are suppose to do. Tomrrow they move me to a more open area from there ill plan my escape.

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