Tuesday, May 8, 2012

SWTOR worth it?

I have been playing Star wars the old republic or SWTOR for a few months now. I have seen the game developed through the 1.2 patch and have been one of the biggest fans even before the game came out. I knew Bioware made great games on the console so I figured an mmo wouldn’t provide that much of a challenge for them. I was right the game is amazing, being a Jedi or Sith is the coolest thing I have ever done in a game. The single player story is amazing this is the only mmo with cut scenes for most of the missions. But as you begin to explore the game you realize this is not a massive multilayer game. Most of the time server are barren, your lucky to find a handful of people on the same planet as you are. Heroic instances, Flashpoints, and PvP can only be done at certain times because the gamer is limited by the amount of people on at any given time. Bioware has even released a statement that they will not go cross realm. (Cross realm links the severs togather to allow players are trying to complete multi-player challenges or pvp even if they are not on the same server.) Bioware has purposly limited the amout of player on each server to make it more competive by allowing players to get to know the other players on their server. This has not worked and half the game content is worthless, you cant find groups to complete their flashpoints and most of the time you have to wait hours before you can do on pvp match. How can we compete aginst players that dont exist? Bioware focused all their attention on their 1.2 patch which was suppose to bring old and new players to the game. 1.2 only focused on single player aspects instead of allowing for players to play with other players. They did not listen to the gamers, they do not care that we pay to only play alone. This is not a mmo, and it will never be. Bioware has showed that they cannot handle an mmo because they do not listen to the community. Bioware has insulted everyone who brought the game. For far to long game companies release crap, after crap and we continue to pay. For us its not about the money but the experience, its up to us to improve games. Bioware will let the game die before they give us cross realm I say lets make it easier for them. If Bioware still refuses to cross realms at the end of the month don’t renew your subscription. Without us they are nothing, they have nothing. We fund all their projects, its about time we got what we have been asking for since the start. For a long time the gamers have been forgotten, its about time we made them remember us.   

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