Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 2

Day 2

My head is spliting, I cant focus on anything. The cot I am laying on is wet with sweat. The room is dark and I cant make out where I am.

“Is everything ok?”

“No, now leave me alone.”

The voice begins to talk then stops. I cant do anything else but hold my head. The pain is unbearable, what the hell is going on.

“Is your head hurting?”

“No im constipated, so leave me to my business”

“I'm only here to help fighting me will not solve anything.”

“i'm not fighting you if you were in the with me I would be fighting you”

I let out a loud scream the pain is growing, what the hell did they do to me? My hed is burning hot I cant even hold my hands against my head.

“What did you do to me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Dont play dumb what was the injection for.”

“I'm sorry I cant dicuss that with you.”

“Why the hell not?”

“If the serum doesnt work then you are free to leave. If I tell you what is it suppose to do then you can never leave.”

“You must think im an idiot. You have any intention of letting me leave regardless.”

“uh” the voice stutters “ that's not true”

“Of course its not, by the way im the king of england.”

“I am really only here to help”

the pain in my head is growing worse as my vision blurs

“Alright I need something to stop this headache”

“Can you describe the pain?”

“Yeah it hurts really bad, now get me something to stop it.”

“Do you feel any other sensations?”

“If your not going to help me with my headache then im not talking.”

I curl up on the cot. I cant take it anymore.

"Are any of you body parts numb?" 


“Ok i'm sending someone right away just remain calm.”

“You want me to calm down, ill show you clam.”

the cot jumps a few inches off the ground.

“What was that” the voice eagerly asks

I dont responsed. What the hell made the cot jump? Is there someone in the room with me?

“Are you ok?” The voice mumbles things that i cant make out

I begin feeling under my bed for any sign of another person. That was werid. The light from the door opening jolts me up. Infront of me is a armed guard with a gun pointed at me.

“Stay on your cot” he shouts

Behind him a man with a tray appears he cautionsly walks towards me with the tray. He puts it down at the end of my cot and walks backwards out the door.

“That should help with your head”

I quickly down the pills and water.

“Why do you have an armed guard?”

“Its for your protection.”

“Really then why was his gun pointed at me?”

“That will be all for today.”

I feel the prick on my wrist again. I welcome it today, anything to stop this headache. When I wake ill figure out what happened with the cot and why the two where afriad of me the prisoner. The pain stops as I smile to sleep.  

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