Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 1

Day 1

“Line up, now!”

Its dark, almost pitch black. The only light coming from the room is from a faint blue glowing line running across the tiny floor.

“What you dont understand english on the line”

I crawl to the line and fumble to stand up. My feet push me forward over the line “Ouwwwwwww” I moan as my head slams into a wall.

“Looks like we got a genuis.”

“Where am I?” my hands run across the wall, it quickly leads to a corner.

“Stand on the line”

“Where am I” I shout with all my lungs. My arm begins to burn as i feel the pain as it shoots through my whole body. I try and scream but my lungs have the air sucked out of them, as I try and move my body goes limp. My face is the first thing that hit the ground.

“Enough with those outburst, the next one wont just put you on the ground. Now stand on the line.”

There is an unfamilair armband warped around my wrist, instaed of tryig to mess with it I stand up on the line.

“Good, now dont move”

A small slit of light enters the room as one of the walls begin to rise.

“Follow the line into the next room”

I'm hesitant at first, then I remmebr what happened the last time I didnt listen. I slowly make my way into the bright white room. In the toom there is one chair and a table set up in the middle. The room is only alittle a lot bigger than the last box I was in.


The chair and table are both bolted to the ground. And on the table sits a small white box I ddnt notice at first. I reluntley take a seat.

“Prepare for test 1”

“Whats test one?”

“Open the box”

“Whats in the box?”

“Open it”

“If I open the box is anything going to shock me?”

“No, the box is safe if you dont open it then you will be shocked”


“Open the box”

I quickly slap the top of the box and pull my hand away. In the inside is a needle full of a black liquid.

“Inject your arm”

“Why is it balck?”

“Inject your arm”

“ That does not look healthy, im going to pass on test one”

My arm goes numb as the thing around my wrist begins to hum.

“That is your only warning”

My hands are shaking as I reach for the needle. I really dont want to do this but what other choice do I have. If they wanted to kill me they would have done that already.I guess the only thing I can do is go along with it for now. But my head is pounding thinking about what will happen after I inject myself with this oil. I place the needle in my arm and stop.

“Just tell me it isnt oil”

“Its not oil”


I press down and watch as it enters my veins. I can see it spreading through my system as it colors my veins black. I grab my arm and try and stop it but it keeps on spreading.

“What is it doing”

Relax I will all be over soon”

I jump out of my seat and begin running around the room looking for a way out. I slam into every wall the door to the other room is no longer open, there is no way out.

“Sit back down”

“Screw you”

This time there isnt a buzz just a small prick on my wrist, before I know it my vision is blurred then everything goes black.  

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