Saturday, May 19, 2012

Always read the fine print

  I have just read the rules to IGN's community blogger contest and after going over the fine print realized that i disqualified myself by not writing 100 words or less. The reason that this is important is that i entered something without reading the rules first. For too long we have gotten used to just accepting the terms and agreements without ever going over them. The truth is we should never accept anything we don't fully understand. South park made a joke about it but it never became a real thought in my head until today. From now on even though its a pain, i will read through the terms and agreement no matter what the reason. Saying we didn't understand isn't going to change anything once we click that agreement box were in for the long haul. So just take a second to help yourself out because your the only one that has to deal with your decisions  unless the terms and agreements state otherwise. Who know the next time you click that box you cold be dragging in your friends and family.

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